Happy Mother’s Day from Alabama… Oh, and an Update

WRITING PROGRESS REPORT:  For my May 9 Minimum GOAL: 3 hours.

YES! I DID IT! I spent my first hour sorting out things I no longer needed in my story and getting things lined up correctly. Then I spent most of the final two hours fussing with character names . . . FINALLY got my 30+ characters with appropriate names both from the standpoint of the national origin, AND with meanings appropriate in SOME way to each of the characters. All of that also helps me to give an added level of meaning to the characters and therefore to the story itself. I had a little time on my hands this afternoon, and spent it reading another story from the book Grim, mentioned here previously. This was probably my favorite so far in the volume. It had the real feel and value of the old-timey fairy tales I read as a kid and drew memes and ideas for multiple old tales. Besides, it was just flat – out a fun read!


The Raven Princess ~ Jon Skovron

A queen with a crying baby girl is unprepared to care for the child, and wishes she could fly away with the nearby ravens. The wish comes true and the princess can only assume human shape for an hour at midnight. At age 18, she comes across a hunter in the forest who cannot bring himself to kill. She makes a bargain with him that could free her if he can wait until midnight, sans any food or drink. He promises to do so, but is tricked by an old hag (her sorry mother) into eating or drinking anyway. How he finds the Princess again, and whether she’ll have him or not after three betrayals . . . well, you’ll have to read it yourself. Memes from many old tales, with a feel of the real and old tales I read as a child. Cleverly done, even squeezing in a hint of the Princess on the Glass Hill.


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One response to “Happy Mother’s Day from Alabama… Oh, and an Update

  1. benschwensch

    WRITING PROGRESS REPORT: For my May10 3 hours – total failure, due to family problems. Spent Mother’s Day at sister-in-law’s home with Herb’s mother, sister, brother and brother-in-law, plus a neighbor who dropped in. Unfortunately, most of the day was spent trying to help his brother get there when his vehicle broke down, arranging for vehicle pick-up repair, plus getting him home which took up large parts of Sunday, with continued efforts Monday . . .
    So, on to WRITING PROGRESS REPORT: For my May 11 3 hours: YES! I DID IT! In fact, having written for 4 hours while “the guys” were still fussing with cars and repairs, I’ve actually made up for ONE of yesterday’s hours as well. Wrote one full chapter, then went through making minor changes and fixes. Also spent a while setting up the “what comes next” for tomorrow . . . hopefully, 4 hours then too! Barring more disasters, of course!

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