Updates on BB’s Status

For my May 3 Minimum GOAL: 1 hour

YES! I DID IT!  I continued working on the SITUATION/COMPLICATIONS. With only a 1 hour goal, I actually nearly doubled it by working WELL over the first hour.  Then I guess I flipped out, because I forgot to post it.

NOW, for TODAY, my May 4 Minimum Goal: 2 hours

YES! I DID IT!  I actually worked for six-and-a-half HOURS.  Went beyond the SITUATION/COMPLICATIONS. Added several new characters.  Came up with appropriate Welsh names for all of the well-over 20 characters, plus two French names, all appropriate to the character and the time period and place.  Came up with two important and key characters for the opening of the story.  Tomorrow, with a little clean-up on today’s work, (and packing to go on vacation Wednesday, getting meds. together, etc., etc., etc.) I should be able to rewrite the opening scenes with much more tension!



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3 responses to “Updates on BB’s Status

  1. Way to go, Brenda! Have a great vacation. See you in a few weeks!

  2. benschwensch

    Thanks, Maureen . . . I REALLY put in the time yesterday!
    AND NOW : Da da da DUT da DAH! For my May 5 Minimum GOAL of 1 hour . . .
    YES! I DID IT! Spent it smoothing out rough spots in what got done yesterday (toward the end of the 6 1/2 hours, I was probably getting a little ditzy! I still have about 4 or 5 characters whose names are not solid yet — maybe I just need to know more about each of them. So THAT can come, maybe tomorrow while I type on board a plane to Alabama!

  3. benschwensch

    For my May 6 Minimum GOAL: 3 hours This was supposed to be the first of my 3 hour writing days. What was I THINKING? As it turns out, the idea of typing on the plane for several hours while flying to Alabama was just NOT in the cards: We got up very early this morning, finished packing and were at the airport, as required, a couple of hours before departure. We knew we’d fly to Houston, change planes, then on to Alabama. What we hadn’t anticipated was the plane to Houston being so small that my computer could not open up completely. If I set it straight up on the fold down tray in front of me, I couldn’t see the screen, but if I slanted it the other way, I couldn’t type on the key board. I still thought I could get the three hours in during the flight from Houston to Alabama, or at least nearly so, then finish when we got to the motel. Houston’s departure was delayed by various problems, so we got into Alabama somewhat late — AND, that plane was even smaller than the first! By Utah time, we got to Alabama around 6 pm, utterly exhausted, not to mention rattled. Picked up rental car and made it to motel shortly, but there was no way, in our conditions of exhaustion, I was going to get “story” worked on tonight — and we still need to find somewhere for dinner. REVAMP of plans: 3 hours daily WHILE IN ALABAMA. No plan t get writing done on return trip which will be Alabama to Denver, then Denver to SLC. I’ll HOPE for better conditions and SOME writing, but will count myself lucky if I get ANY serious time in THAT day — May 19. I’ll make May 20 a date for new goals.

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