BB’s (possibly stolen) PROMPT for 04/25/15

Well over a year ago, Cheryl wrote ” . . . take the risk. Try that story you’re afraid to waste time on. It might be stupid. It might be unoriginal. Or it might be the greatest story EVER.”

So today’s prompt is to take a risk. Go back to an idea that you gave up because it seemed stupid. Or crazy. Or too hard. Or too short. Or involved too much research. Or . . . whatever made you give it up. Give it your promise: “I will write something on this story for . . . ” Now you decide. All the words you can lay down for ten minutes? 15 minutes a day? A month? How much of your time are you willing to give that unborn idea?

YES! I WILL DO IT! I’ve decided to give my time to an idea born out of an old poem which resonated with me. I’m going to give the story (during the 11 days I have before flying to Alabama for 2 weeks) 2 hours on “clear” days, at least 1 hour on days with appointments (several for doctors, a few for prior commitments).

* * * = 16 hours


I am going to give it 3 HOURS EVERY DAY while I’m in Alabama (AND the two days I’m flying to and from). Some days ‑‑‑ many, I hope ‑‑‑ it will have one whole chunk in the morning. (My mornings often start at 5 or 6 am, sometimes even at 3:10 am, very occasionally even earlier. Those mornings will belong to my Poem Story.)

* * *    = 42 hours


When we get home two weeks later, I will take one day to recuperate: sleep, read, whatever I need; then I will give the Poem Story three, hopefully morning, hour chunks of time, barring appointments. (I know there will be at least one dental one ‑‑‑ but I’ll work around such interruptions to get the 3 hours in.) I will continue that three-hour routine until WIFYR in June.

* * * = 75 hours



* * * = 133 hours . . . WOW!


When WIFYR is over I will Market an essay I have all‑but-ready to go. And I’ll re‑evaluate (and hopefully revise) what’s been done from now through WIFYR


That’s my plan. Sorry, this blog can’t say “YES! I DID IT!” until June 19, but I will post updates on how that’s all working out. Just reporting in to YOU is going to keep my nose to the grindstone ‑‑‑ THANKS in advance!


(Feel free to re‑use my prompts, modified to YOUR specifications ‑‑‑ I “stole” them too from Carol Lynch Williams, AnnDeeCanDee, Cheryl, The ABC Writers Guild and others . . . )




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2 responses to “BB’s (possibly stolen) PROMPT for 04/25/15

  1. Best wishes in your writing endeavors!

  2. benschwensch

    THANKS, Barbara! I’ll need it . .. and I need to know someone is watching me, too — whether I succeed or fail, it will be KNOWING other people see what I accomplish or don’t that will keep my nose to the grindstone either way!

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