BB’s (possibly stolen) PROMPT for 04/21/15

Looking through various old blogs I’d saved, I was reminded of one which talked about To Do Lists, and especially the necessity of prioritizing. I’ve always been a list maker. When I was in junior high school, I had a TINY “loose‑leaf” about the size of a 3×5 card. I’d write lists of Everything I needed to do. Then I got worse. I started making my own hour‑by‑hour list of TTD (Things To Do). I’d sit in some boring class, or while watching TV, and write down the tiny left column of a lined page 7, 8, 9, 10 . . . etc. for the hours of the day. I’d fill in my classes, make notes about homework, on and on.

Years later, when I’d found commercial versions of what I’d been doing for years, I began buying Day‑Timers, then graduated to what later became Franklin‑Covey after hearing Hyrum Smith talk about time‑management.

In retirement, I’ve more or less given up that manic‑habit, but I’m also frustrated with what I’m NOT getting done in my writing. So, I’m going to suggest my stripped down version. Smith recommended marking things as A, B and C priorities. I prefer to think of them as MUST, SHOULD, COULD. And I’m going to TRY to keep to the writing projects, not the unfinished laundry, reorganizing the pantry, etc., etc., etc.

So, your prompt: write a To Do list. Then decide which items MUST be done today. Second level, what SHOULD be done today (or at least soon, in case the MUSTs take longer than a day). Third level, what COULD be done later, if there’s time.

YES! I DID IT! The list:

  • Write Twisted Oaks Hollow (TOH) before WIFYR
  • Polish the first 20 (or however many are required) pages for WIFYR
  • Be sure the motel arrangements have been made for the Shakespeare Festival
  • Arrange for Jennifer’s (daughter) transportation while we’re in Alabama
  • Call Jeremy (son) & arrange for a day he can come set up for while we’re in Alabama
  • Find a Market for “Relevance Revealed,” a personal essay
  • Give “Relevance…” a last polish and SEND
  • Find a case which qualifies as “carry‑on” but will hold computer & a few clothes
  • Run copies of Wade’s WIP and EDIT and SEND BACK to him
  • Read other fairy tale mash‑ups
  • Re‑read the OLD fairy tales I grew up with: (what I called The Grey Book)
  • Reschedule dentist appt.
  • So a few sneaked in which weren’t writing but they DO need to be taken care of before flying to and from Alabama, and before WIFYR
Write on TOH daily Read newer fairy tales Send Relevance
Read old fairy tales Find “Relevance” market
Call Jeremy Carry‑on Case (Notice: not ALL
made the prioritized list)
Polish “Relevance” Run Wade’s copies

NOW begin working on the MUSTs! (That’s a note for ME, even more than for YOU!

(Feel free to re‑use my prompts, modified to YOUR specifications ‑‑‑ I “stole” them too from Carol Lynch Williams, AnnDeeCanDee, Cheryl, The ABC Writers Guild and others . . . )


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