BB’s (possibly stolen) PROMPT for 04/20/15

When my husband first came back to Utah, he’d done some writing over the years, but said he couldn’t consider himself an “Author” ‑‑‑ maybe he was “just” a writer. So what constitutes an “author” in YOUR BOOK? Which is to say, do you call yourself an Author yet, when you first meet someone and s/he says, “And what do you do?”?

Herb and I had known each other for about 45 years when he returned. I took him to a lot of the things I like to go to. The first big one was LTUE. He was like a little kid, buying books and getting them signed by the “actual Author!” He went to League of Utah Writers with me, TKE to listen to presentations, a few theater things. (Maybe it wasn’t me at all, when he asked me to marry him C maybe he just didn’t want to lose the contact with theater folk and struggling “artistes” C the huge Utah community of people, including myself, who are trying to write). To publish. To call ourselves “Authors.” Here’s your prompt: Make a list of all the things you have written. How much of each project is finished? How many are nearly so? How many words have you put on pages or keyed into a computer since you started?

YES! I DID IT! It took a while, but I did it. And it feels great seeing that list. And I’m going to KEEP tracking it. How about you?

To date, I have 11 books in various stages of “Not Done” C a couple of them are very close. I also have a sheaf of nearly 50 articles, essays, various programs, and poems. My original plays and adaptations have been performed predominantly in Utah and Idaho C one of them about 250 times during one season by the BYU Repertory Company in several of the western states.

Next step as a budding author (Yes: this is another part of the PROMPT): Practice saying it aloud, in your room, your bathroom (the echo chamber will be good for you) wherever. Let us know when you finally acknowledge this amazing fact to a new acquaintance, or some of your friends. Put that practice at home to good use when you’re out and about.

Maybe it’s time. “Hi, my name is __________ (Brenda, or whatever). I’m an author. And what do YOU do?”




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3 responses to “BB’s (possibly stolen) PROMPT for 04/20/15

  1. I loved this article! Although, I’m not a published author, yet, of a book I am of a blog and therefore like to say, but not out loud, that I’m an author. We have to see, feel and believe it before it comes to be.

  2. benschwensch

    You are SO right, Barbara! See it! Feel it! BELIEVE it — you ARE an Author —- AND you have MANY followers because what you write is to point on for your readers! Congrats!

  3. benschwensch

    OOooops, Sorry! That last line should read “what you write is SO point on for your readers!”

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