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BB’s (possibly stolen) PROMPT for 04/04/15
Your character keeps two journals. One is for normal use. The one that can be found. Can be read by others. The other is secrets your character may be trying to keep even from herself. Write several entries for both. Think of everything when you do this ‑‑‑ like, does she use two different pens? Burn incense when she writes in one log and not the other? Does she go somewhere else to write? Where does she hide the books?

YES! I DID IT! (These are somewhat truncated) Lacklea’s 1st Journal: My Life: I’m so bored. I found this Book of Instructions, but there was only one thing on its one page: “Touch the wooden gate in the wall you never saw before.” So what wall is THAT? All I ever do is sit around. Looking at the same old walls every day. What I really want is to see something of the world. I wonder what it’s like. How can I get there? What if there ISN’T any more “world”? No wonder I’m so bored. Why would someone write a Book of Instructions, but only have one sentence in it? Anyway, that leaves the rest of the page for me to fill … oops! Running out of room already, but I haven’t said half what I want…..

Lacklea’s Secret Journal: Love this funny quill pen I found . . . floating down at me when I was out pulling weeds. First I thought it was just a feather from that goose that flies overhead every day . . . picked it up, but it had fallen point down into a muddy area, freshly watered. I also found this little leaflet, empty. It was begging to be filled, so . . . I think there may be a wall after all. I saw the beginning of what looked like a hedge of ivy. Well, ivy doesn’t just spread out over the ground ‑‑‑ not when it gets up to five or six feet high! I think there MUST be some kind of wall underneath . . .

BB’s (possibly stolen) PROMPT for 04/05/15:
And now a Freaky Friday question ‑‑‑ if your character did change lives with someone ‑‑‑ whom might they choose to change lives with? Why? What if YOU made them change lives with someone? Then who would it be? Why? Write out a couple of days in that new life.

YES! I DID IT! (Also truncated.) Lacklea might want to change lives with the third princess, when they first meet. By comparison with the two first two odious princesses, the third sister would seem like a dream. Besides, the Princess wants to meet her handsome Prince, and Lacklea would think that not only possible, but probable AND desirable. She would begin her day by primping and preening in whatever might serve as a mirror: a polished shield, a still pond, or whatever. But she would soon tire of that . . . servants . . . help her try one dress after another . . . no boon companion. She’d depend on other people’s plans for her day. The dancing teacher drilling . . . steps to the latest . . . dance. Standing for hours, while new dresses were fitted . . . from bolts of fabric . . . needing to be draped, pinned, shaped, sewn, while she stands waiting . . . not the exciting, romantic “duty” she would . . . imagine. Princes from other kingdoms would come, look her over . . . like some prize cow or horse, assessing height, weight, looks, manners, demeanor . . . Boring! The third Princess, in spite of the Instruction Book’s warning, would look mighty appealing as compared to the two sister Princesses.

If I were to make her change places with a character, the dragon or the eagle would be good choices. The first dragon would be able to fly, like the eagle, only bigger, much, MUCH BIGGER! She could breath fire and smoke, death and destruction, but everyone would fear her and run away from her. No companionship . . . probably one of the main things she would be seeking. She will only find that when she finds . . . a TRUE companion . . .

As an eagle, she could still see much of the world by flying over it, like the dragon . . . less to fear, until she . . . would be hunted, like the eagle. . . JUST so someone would have a trophy feather . . . Not easy on Lacklea; however, she would learn . . . skills: hunting for food . . . the thrill of the kill (not necessarily a good thing) . . . danger represented by men (a good lesson for a sheltered girl) . . . the specter of starvation. Days filled with fighting for mere survival . . . killing to accomplish the goal . . . a bloody and dangerous life without many creature comforts.

Which would she like better, the life of the Princess, or of the eagle (OR dragon)? She would find the Princess’s life to be too tame, too controlled. She would likely prefer the life and freedom of the eagle, in spite of its hardships and cruelty. The dragon would ALWAYS be in danger too, in spite of . . . massive size and strength . . . hunted and feared, without any hint of companionship, or joy . . . A hard life, and lacking the freedom of the eagle because of the relative scarcity of food, safety, companionship, easy times

But she would learn to cherish offer comfort in her OWN life . . . with less danger ‑‑‑ in spite of the hardships and difficulties of the life of a wanderer. By the time she got “home”, she’d be glad, thankful, to be there where she could rest in safety, not fearing for her life at every moment.

(Feel free to re‑use my prompts, modified to YOUR specifications ‑‑‑ I “stole” them too from Carol Lynch Williams, AnnDeeCanDee, Cheryl, The ABC Writers Guild and others . . . )


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