Hello, again, Friends!

It’s been a long hiatus for the ABC Writers Guild, but I’m back with some new ideas.  First, and foremost, I wrote a blog recently for Carol Lynch Williams’ writers blog “Throwing Up Words” (If you want to be a writer, and you’re not following her blog, you SHOULD).  In the blog I mentioned a blog she’d put up a couple of days before where she offered 5 prompts for the coming week.  I’m in a situation where I NEED to “force” myself to keep at it, so I vowed to write all of her prompts, aimed at the book I’m currently working on.  I even went so far as to look at her site’s blogs of the past and harvested prompts from Carol, her partner AnnDeeCanDee, Cheryl (also writers there on Thursdays, like I do), and even got a few ideas from previous Writers Guild blogs.  I made a list long enough to write one daily for the whole month of April.  I’ve done all the ones to date, but had also promised to post the results.  As I have everything from March 29th on, I thought I’d give you a couple a day until I get caught up.

This whole project is to help make me “accountable” for doing the daily prompts and, more importantly, keep working on my book!  Knowing someone MIGHT be watching will be a huge incentive — so here are the first two for March 29 and 30 (more tomorrow . . . and tomorrow . . . and tomorrow. . .):

BB’s (possibly stolen) PROMPT FOR 3/29/15
Find the NaNo book I wrote 3 years ago (while going thru surgery for cancer, etc.) based on — I think — a Neil Gaiman poem. Wrote about it 11/21/12 in our ABC Writers Guild blog for a Wednesday’s WIPs.

YES! I DID IT! Turns out I’d written FAR LESS that year (what a surprise) than I’d thought: a 2 page synopsis and basis for the story. A short paragraph (5 lines) which must have been page 1 of chapter 1. A 3-page, marginally larger, synopsis and basis, a 2 page (well, a page and 3 more lines) Story Plan Worksheet. And 2 copies of Gaiman’s poem, one of them with characters names written into the left margin so I know which characters to insert and where. Copied all this over and ran it off, hole-punched it and placed it right behind my (March and) April Daily Writing Prompts in a brand new loose leaf.
Off to a good start!

BB’s (possibly stolen) PROMPT FOR 3/30/15
For a fun time, go to NaNoWriMo.org and read some of their fun, funny messages; Look at the crazy products which are available; Read their astonishing History; Look for any of my Writing Buddies.

YES! I DID IT! I checked up on messages from my new summer “cabin” of co-writers, wrote them a couple of brief messages. Read some old “how to get started” blogs from other years on starting a Month of Writing Dangerously. Their “History” is life/writing affirmation. Don’t know yet whether any of my “old” writing buddies are on line this time or not.

See you tomorrow! Brenda



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  1. babymay85

    I’m so glad you’re hiatus is over! I’ve missed you and your inspiration motivation! Maren 

    Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphone

  2. Welcome back to blogger land. I’ve missed you!

  3. benschwensch

    Thanks to both Maren and Barbara — I didn’t think anyone would notice! LOVE you guys!

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