Tips on Tuesday: How Well Do You Know Your Antagonist?

Easy as A, B, C . . . from BB

We writers spend a lot of time imagining, dreaming about, creating our wonderful “heroes” of our stories. We love them, we hate to hurt them . . . but we know we must. We want to let our readers know how wonderful, handsome/gorgeous, smart, talented, and clever they are.

snidelypolls_292384_main_4714_498326_poll_xlargeThen there’s the Villain! The Bad Guy (or Gal)! They need to be every bit as smart, talented and clever. Sometimes we even need to make them seem like the “hero” ‑‑‑ or a “winner” ‑‑‑ or a “friend.”

Here’s a little exercise that may help you put some reality into the creation of your antagonist:

Recall somebody who made you really angry recently. Imagine yourself dong something to that person: getting revenge, giving absolution, practicing an extended session of psychotherapy.

Have fun with it . . . go “all out,” writing a scene (or even a chapter) on what you could/would do to that person in your life, if only s/he were your antagonist. How can you weave that scene/chapter into your mystery? Your romance? Your sci‑fi thriller? Your Arthurian tale?

Yup! That’s the “assignment” for this week. Have All‑Out Fun with it!


See you next on Thinkin’ on Thursday!


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