Spellbinder Saturday: It’s All About Taste . . . Buds

Easy as A, B, C . . . from HA

EvertasterThis week’s spellbinder, Evertaster, by Adam Glendon Sidwell, is about Guster, a boy with remarkable taste buds, his family, evil chefs (even more evil than Gordon Ramsay) and the race to find the perfect recipe for the perfect food: The One Recipe.

Poor Guster is constantly hungry. He can’t eat if the food isn’t prepared perfectly. It’s not that he’s a food snob; he has a “condition”: He’s an Evertaster. Evertasters, it seems, can tell you what’s in any given food just by tasting it. They can tell if there is one drop too many of lemon extract is a tart, making it inedible. Cheap ingredients taste like mud. He can even tell you the soil type and nutrients found in the soil where the foods were grown.

His mom tries, but, while Guster’s brother and sister find the food delicious, he finds it greasy, flat, and practically poison to his taste buds. Mom decides to take him to nearby New Orleans to find something he can eat.

And so the adventure begins.

An old pastry chef in New Orleans has an abundance of pastries Guster can eat, but the old man tells Guster that they, too, will eventually pale in taste. He is an Evertaster and there is only one thing that can satisfy his cravings for the perfect food: The One Recipe. The old man gives Guster the gift of an old-fashioned metal egg beater and tells him to keep it safe. It will show him the way.

The pastry shop is attacked by men in red chef hats and red aprons. They demand the old chef give them the recipe. Guster and his family escape during the melee’.

I can’t give away too much (you know how I am about spoilers… and the lack of alerts). The egg beater, it turns out is a coded map and that’s all I’m saying on that matter.

Their adventure is world-encompassing: South America, Africa, an island off Greenland, and more, to gather the ingredients for The One Recipe. Not just any ingredients, but very special ones; special eggs, a specific type of butter… oops; better stop. Don’t want to giveSidwell too much away.

Evertaster is fast- paced and never slows down. Sidwell is masterful at pacing events from one scene to the next and forcing the reader to keep turning pages.

Evertaster is Middle Grade, but a fun read for everybody, if for no other reason than reading the description of the taste of foods, good and bad. Sidwell nailed it. You can feel the textures on your tongue, the smells fill the air.

See you next time for Tips on Tuesday


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