Spellbinder Saturday: Invasion of Little Green Men

As easy as A, B, C . . . from HA

51RNNGKwOHLLittle Green Men at the Mercury Inn, by Greg Leitich Smith and illustrated by Andrew Arnold (no relation), is fun! But you’re not looking for a one word review, so I’ll try to be a little wordier, but not too much. (And I have to remember to watch for spoilers… of which there could be many if I’m not careful.)

The opening scene sums up the tone of the rest of the story:

“Like most of humanity that morning, I wasn’t thinking at all about aliens from outer space.”

“I was thinking about garbage.”

Garbage, frozen pigs, a beach front motel, Cape Canaveral, aliens, permanent residents, news people, alien hunters, a UFO, aliens, a new space shuttle, power outages, aliens, a genius girl, a best friend with a high- tech prosthetic leg and a mysterious old lady. Did I mention aliens?

What I found particularly entertaining was that the little green men aren’t green… oh, wait… maybe I should skip that part. In all honesty, they are green, but only in Andrew’s illustrations, which are awesome.

The characters are well- rounded, full of paranoia and angst, and funny. That’s what really makes the book a great read: it’s funny and fun.

Plot twists abound, most of the characters aren’t what they seem. Clue: they’re not all aliens… but, then, they’re not all earthlings, either. Maybe. Or maybe not.

How’s that for not giving anything away?

Little Green Men is a YA book, but it can be read by any age group, honest! Fun knows no age.

You can get a copy right now at The King’s English here in SLC along with Amazon and Barnes & Noble. For my friends in AL, it’s also carried at Books-a-Million. Get it, read it, and have a good laugh or several.8117aQ4zWWL__SL1500_

When Greg isn’t delving into UFOs and little green men, his favorite subjects are dinosaurs and time travel: Chronal Engine is another fun romp.

Remember: you’re never too old for fun!

See you next time for Tips on Tuesday


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