Spellbinder Saturday: Sheriff Longmire rides again

Easy as A, B, C . . . from HA

Any Other NameAny Other Name by Craig Johnson is the latest in the Walt Longmire series. And, speaking of series, I’m sure it’s no coincidence the third season of “Longmire” starts Monday, June 2 on A&E. I, personally, am enjoying the fact that I get to wallow in Longmire adventures again, book and TV. (A slight editorial comment: I’m glad A&E still provides actual art and entertainment now and then considering the drivel they’ve been feeding us the last few years. ‘Nuff said.)

Any Other Name takes up a few months after A Serpent’s Tooth. Not to give away anything from the hanging ending of that one, let’s just say things are somewhat back to normal.

Longmire’s grandbaby is about to be born and he’s supposed to be on his way to Philadelphia to attend to the birthing. Unfortunately, retired sheriff Lucian Connally has other plans for Walt.

An old friend of Lucian’s, a Detective Holden in another county, has, apparently, committed suicide. The detective’s wife, Rose, doesn’t believe it and asks Lucian to investigate. He’s not up for the challenge, so he enlists Walt for the job. Maybe “enlists” is too gentle a word. Draft, coerce, maybe even emotional blackmail, would be better suited.

There are suspicious things going on in Campbell County: three women disappearing over the last few months (something Holden was investigating), a strip club that is busted by the sheriff on a fairly regular basis with no arrests, and an overwhelming sense (in Walt’s opinion) of people hiding things.

As usual, Walt’s instincts are on the money. Again, not wanting to give up any spoilers, let’s leave it at there is much going on under the normal appearance of the county.

There’s action and suspense a-plenty in Any Other Name. Mystery abounds. The master crime that started it all was a surprise, but it shouldn’t have been considering I’ve read every Longmire book so far.

Oh… did I mention that someone has a contract out on Walt’s life? Thought I’d leave you with that minor spoiler.

Johnson has crafted a spellbinding mystery and adventure story as is his custom. If you’re a fan, go get it. If you’re not familiar, check some out of the library and get acquainted.

And don’t forget to check out the third season premiere on Monday at A&E.

See you next time for Tips on Tuesday.


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