Tips on Tuesday: Who Wants a Surprise?

Easy as A, B, C . . . from BB

Every once in a while . . . well, several times a year . . . this question comes up: Should a synopsis include the surprise ending?

It all depends on why you are writing the synopsis and for whom. Consider the possibilities:

A. You, the author: write everything, including how things come together at the end. It will help to keep you grounded in your story.

B. An agent: write everything, because the agent needs to know that this prospective client (the author) is capable of bringing the story to a logical, satisfying ending.

C. An editor: (See above: Agent) ‑ and neither agent nor editor is looking for a surprise: they are looking for a client, a competent writer: YOU!

D. A book blurb for the back cover or the inside flap: Finally, you may withhold some information. Give enough to intrigue the prospective buyer, but don’t say so much (even before the “ending”) that s/he will feel no need to read the entire book.

Pretty simple really: You, agents, and editors don’t want to work in the dark. Readers/purchases of your book want to be surprised.

See you next for Thinkin’ on Thursday!


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