Spellbinder Saturday: Another Vey to Go

Easy as A, B, C . . . from HA

Yep, second installment of the Michael Vey series. Michael Vey: Rise of the Elgen by Richard Paul Evans.Rise of the Elgen

And you thought the adventures of Michael Vey were over at the end of Prisoner in Cell 25. They had just begun.

Michael’s mom is still being held prisoner by Doctor Hatch. After Michael and his Electroclan created a revolt at the academy and set the guinea pigs free, his group enlarged while others left Hatch’s crew and joined his.

Mom, it seems is being held in Peru. Not exactly next door.

The Electroclan makes it back to Idaho to regroup. Michael needs to make a plan. Hmm, can’t be giving too many things away, so excuse me while I step lightly around the spoilers.

Michael thinks they’ll be safe back home at least for a little while. Unfortunately, what they find shows them they are never going to be safe from Elgen. There are Elgen forces in Michael’s apartment, Ostin’s parents have disappeared and Elgen forces are waiting inside his apartment, Jack’s house has been burned to the ground. None of their normal haunts are going to work; and they need to find a place download Grace.

The good news is they have an unknown ally. The new ally helps keep them alive and gets them out of Idaho. They eventually find themselves in Peru. Everybody from the Electroclan is there except Grace. The data stored in her head will be better used by the allies.

Elgen has developed a cheap power system and is using it to power major cities and surrounding areas in Peru for practically no cost. Their plan is to start using these low-cost, energy efficient power plants to get a toehold in a countries’ economy and, eventually, start taking over. The idea is he who controls electric power rules everything. The plan is a bit more complicated than that, but no spoilers. Oh, Michael’s mom is being held at the power plant, of course.

The adventure is taut, suspenseful, and nerve-shattering. If you’ve started the series, keep going. It’s only getting better. I should know… I’ve already read book three, Michael Vey: Battle of the Ampere. Oh… and pre-ordered book four, Michael Vey: Hunt for Jade Dragon.

Yes, the series is worth it. Join the Electroclan.

See you next for Tips on Tuesday.

Michael Vey 1Rise of the ElgenBattle of the Ampere




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