Spellbinder Saturday: A Rude Awakening

As easy as A, B, C . . . from HA

Children of the AfterChildren of the After: Awakening is the first book in a series by Jeremy Laszlo. Not, however the first book by this author. (Click his name for a complete listing.)

Awakening is definitely the beginning. Books two and three (Revelation and Evolution) are currently available. A fourth is rumored to be in the works.

Jumping to the end, let me say that if you get hooked on this series, you’re going to need to read them in order. I’ve only read this, the first one, none of the others. But I plan on continuing. I found Awakening good enough to move on to the next volume.

Back to the beginning. Three kids, Will, Samantha, and Jack are put into a safe room vault in their Chicago apartment. Their father put them there with instructions to 16-year-old Jack to take care of his brother and sister.

After several months, food is running out, essential life-support systems are failing, and their father hasn’t returned. Jack decides their only recourse is to leave the vault and find out what’s happened in the world. His dad knew something was about to put everything in the world in danger and wanted his kids safe. Their safety is now in jeopardy.

Opening the vault shows the world is no longer what they had left. Their apartment is destroyed; their apartment building is destroyed; Chicago is destroyed. Any building left standing, like theirs, is falling apart and burned.

They make their way out of their building and find Chicago a charred, broken landscape. No glass has been left unbroken. Food stuffs have been pilfered from any and all places they forage, yet there are no people to be seen. They appear to be the only people left alive in the city. Jack’s only option is to try to get them to their grandmother’s house outside Chicago. Usually an hour away by car, it’s a three or four day walk.

They face several perils in their journey. No spoilers, so all I can tell you is there are some surprises in store for any reader. Spellbinding… yep, that’s it.

The characters are fully developed and we get to know 16-year-old Jack, 14-year-old Samantha, and 7-year-old Will. They have distinct personalities and Laszlo manages to know how a seven-year-old thinks. (Having five children of his own probably helps.)

Give the first book a try. The Kindle editions are reasonably priced and the paperbacks are a good deal as well. Read them; you won’t be sorry.

See you next time for Tips on Tuesday.


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