Thinkin’ on Thursday: Still Thinkin’ About Mashups

Easy as A, B, C . . . from BB

Yep, still thinkin’ about mashups. And the fact that I’m writing one. And that I challenged you to try it as well, last Tuesday. LINK BACK TO TUESDAY’s

All that was based on Brian A. Klems’ 4/17/14 guest blog at the Writer’s Digest by Paul Cicchini — school psychologist, humorist, and sports journalist.

Why would I, or you, or anyone want to write a mashup? Cicchini suggests:

1. Mashups are a lot of fun.

2. He actually looked forward to revising & editing! Because he could look for ways to make more and more plot connections between his two very different constructs.

Any hints on how to get started? Cicchini had ‘em:

A. Start with two genres or two topics that you love: say stamp collecting and police dramas. “Put them together and you have a story about a serial-killing philatelist.” Possible tag line: “He makes stamp glue from his victims!! Okay, that may not be a best-seller, but you get the idea.

B. If your two pet subjects don’t mesh together well, find two you’re are at least dying to research. “With this genre, research is key.”

C. Examine your topics exhaustively until you are “almost an expert” in them. Your readers deserve good, reliable information.

D. Besides, when you do the investigating “you may be surprised at how much the subjects are truly interrelated.” Only six degrees of separation, I guess.

E. Go the extra mile in fact checking. “Don’t be lazy. Use several reliable sources.”

F. Don’t limit your background reading and research to the Internet.

G. Read other books and novels for “inspiration.” [See Tuesday’s blog for a few suggestions within the genre “mashups”.

H. Read a lot. Want people to love reading your book? You have to love reading books, too.

See you next for Spellbinder Saturday!


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