Spellbinder Saturday: Witch Born is sure to spellbind

As easy as A, B, C . . . from HA

Witch Born, the second book in the Witch Song series by Amber Argyle, takes up where Witch Song left off: WITCH SONG SPOILER Witch BornALERT! Senna has beaten the evil witch Espin, freed the trapped witches, vanquished the nasty ruler of Tarten, (or so we think), and convinced the witches to flatten the city of Tarten and kill the land by singing destruction to the four elements: earth, plants, sun, and water.

SPOILER ALERT #2- Along the way, she became Creator-touched which caused problems of its own. She is held in awe and fear. Her song has more strength than any of the Haven witches have ever heard and she has attitude about how things should be done and how she’s treated at the witch island, Haven.

The sequel, Witch Born, has as much, if not more, adventure, intrigue, and danger. Even kidnapping and treason are involved this time. Bigger decisions deciding the fate of the world, not just a group of witches.

I’ve already fired off a few spoilers of Witch Song; I apologize to anyone who hasn’t read it. I’ll try not to give away too much of Witch Born. The story is spellbinding enough to make it difficult, but I’m trying.

Senna is trying to fix the curse the witches left in Tarten by herself, without the other witches’ knowledge. She had talked to them about it, but they shut her down. It was, after all, her idea.

In her series of adventures and misadventures, she’s poisoned, drugged, shot, tortured; she even … Sorry… almost said too much. There’s some kind of action or dilemma on every page. How Senna deals with everything is her story. She doesn’t want to do what’s good; she wants to do what’s right. She finds the two to be mutually exclusive on most occasions.

It’s a good follow-up to the first book in the series. It comes to a satisfactory end, but with enough wiggle room for another story if the author decides to go there. She has prequels, but I haven’t heard about a sequel to Witch Born.

The only questions and unknowns were from finding out about the earlier witch wars and the witch named Lilette. Those questions are answered in the prequels: book 2.5, Witch Rising, and book 3, Witch Fall in the Witch Song series.

We’ll be covering those next week.

See you next time for Tips on Tuesday.


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