Spellbinder Saturday: Winter Queen for a Winter Wonderland

As easy as A, B, C . . . from HAWinter Queen

Ah, another winter’s tale. Icefall two weeks ago and Winter Queen this week. It’s just been that kind of winter. Let’s embrace it, revel in it; read about it.

Amber Argyle is a Utah writer specializing in fantasy. Very well-written fantasy. Her Witch Song series is a spellbinding read and she’s brought that talent to the tale of the Winter Queen.

She forms a world of intrigue, savagery, political in- fighting, and— of course— love.

Ilyenna lies dying. Wounded by an axe blow to her midsection, she thinks of what she’ll be missing from a life cut short. That’s when the winter fairies arrived. They select her as their new queen. Their kisses heal her and the cold no longer affects her, but she insists she can’t be their queen just yet. There are things she still needs to do. And therein lies the tale.

Vicious villains, virtuous heroines, a stalwart group of supporters for Ilyenna and savage cohorts (not to mention father) for the main antagonist Darrien. He really is a piece of work.

Argyle’s characters, including the fairies (no, really!), are all three dimensional and acceptable. The world she weaves follows a path with complete believability. There are varying seasons which are not always found in fantasy. This is not a desert world or a frozen wasteland world. This world has seasons, hence the need for a Winter Queen and, as a pivotal character, the Summer Queen.

Life is Balance. For every good is an evil; for every death there is a birth. For every winter, there is a summer. Politics and dealing between the seasonal is fair game.

It’s a spellbinding read. Her prose is a pleasure and leaves the reader breathless and craving more. Speaking of craving more, this is the first book in the Fairy Queen series. The next one will be Summer Queen. I understand she only has less than 20,000 words of it written, so we all must be patient. Argh!

See you next time for Tips on Tuesday


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