Thinkin’ on Thursday: I’m Thinkin’ the Doc is Right!

Easy as A, B, C . . . from BB

Author, Dr. John Yeoman (PhD, Creative Writing) thinks there are better ways to write stories.  He judges the Writers’ Village story competition and teaches creative writing. Having been a successful commercial author for 42 years, he possesses a wealth of ideas about the subject.

In his post “Win A Story Contest: 5 Ways Not To Plot” on Write to Done he cited five old, hackneyed plots.  Of course, there can be many more than that, but let’s think about the five he listed:

  1. Twin Souls Reunited ‑ the old boy meets girl, boy/girl separate, boy finds girl again
  2. Cinderella and All Her Sisters ‑ you know this drill well enough
  3. The Haunted Bathroom ‑ weird old house, heroine in peril
  4. The Embarrassing Funeral ‑ man dies, wife finds he wasn’t all he seemed
  5. The Last Visit ‑ beneficiaries get unpleasant surprises at the reading of the will

Yeoman claims what you need to win a contest is a different, intriguing, Surprising Twist.  In judging 1,000 submissions to the contest he saw the same basic plots over and over and over again.  Boring!

What he craved (and even cited) were some twists that worked in other literary efforts.  Now that you’re Thinkin’ on Thursday about twists, what twist would you add to any of the “old hat” plots listed above?  Or what other standard plots could you use and how would your twist make them fresh and original again?  Leave one twist you’ve thought of in a comment below.  Or start writing your “new” story!

See you next on Saturday’s Spellbinder!


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