Thursday’s Thoughts: Nothing so Constant as Change

Easy as A, B, C . . . from BB

As promised, after 14 months of existence, changes have come (and there may be yet more to come) to The ABC Writers Guild blog:

We’ve taken a good, long look at what you’ve seemed to read most (like best?) and we appreciate your interest. Please stay with us, hang in there, keep on keepin’ on! We’ll be keeping the best, re‑imagining the rest. We will now publish only on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, but will do so every week.

Tuesday’s Tutor will now become TUESDAY’S TIPS, and essentially the same as before: tips and ideas on how to deal with writing problems: anything from how to get going to how to keep going; how to understand both the marvelous and malevolent English language in all its permutations and eccentricities, whether of spelling, punctuation marks, or nuances. Feel free to send questions which puzzle you about writing and we will send you answers, or at least suggestions on how to handle your writing puzzlements.

Thursday’s 13 will be called THURSDAY’S THOUGHTS. We will include our own thoughts, problems and puzzlements, but will also incorporate other writers on Thursdays in interviews and/or guest blogs, combining much of what used to happen with Friday’s Friends with some bits of what you used to find in Sunday’s Snippets, Monday Moans, or Thursday’s 13. When significant writing goals have been reached or break‑through moments have come to one or more of us, you may even get a whiff of the old Wednesday’s WIPs here.

Saturday’s Softcover will be transformed into SATURDAY’S SPELLBINDER, a blog covering books we’re reading and loving. We have always, and only, reviewed books which we loved, and will continue to do the same. No “hated this book” business here — why waste our time or yours? That said, each of us has his/her own taste in books. You, personally, may not love every book you read about here, but we’ll keep a wide variety of book types and hope to capture your heart with many of them. Please note: we are truly invested in showcasing books by Utah authors. Let us know when yours are available, and we’ll cover as many as possible.

Thanks for your patience and loyalty while we transition: Like the changes? Hate them? Want something else? Let us know through comments here, or send comments, questions, ideas to Benschmark Editing at

See you Saturday for Saturday’s Spellbinder!


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  1. Your new format sounds great. I especially like your new category titles Tuesday’s Tips and Thursday’s Thoughts. Good luck!

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