Wednesday’s WIPs: Happy New Year!!! BB is the only one who’s been working through the holidays.

Easy as A, B, C . . . from HA, BB, JC, and CC

H.A. The Other Siders: “nothing to report.” (Warned everybody the last time.) J

B.B. gElf and the Legend of Jarra‑Jen:  HOORAY!!! We did it! We sent a manuscript of over 7,600 words and four chapters to The Dark Crystal contest website. The fourth chapter was all new as of today (Tuesday) and the first three chapter were much cut down and cleaned up.

Glass Mountain Princess: Now, finally(!) I can get back to my fairy tale mash up… but NOT tonight.

C.C. Ezzy Bear: We worked on Christmas joy.

J.C. The Shadow Master: And now we’re working on New Year’s hurrahs.

See you day‑after‑tomorrow for Friday Friends!


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