Monday Moans: A Pox on All Things Electronic!

Easy as A, B, C . . . from BB

My computer and my messed up and hijacked email are causing me all kinds of problems. Moreover, the 750 words dot com daily writing challenge is also giving me fits. We found out (“we” meaning “HA”, of course; I have no idea how he tracks all this down) that someone calling herself benschwensch at live dot com, purportedly from the UK, has hijacked my stuff. My inbox shows nothing. Same for files for “sent,” and “drafts,” and “spam” [well, that’s a good thing], etc. And I’m not receiving any new emails. (Wait. Maybe that’s a good thing too?) I don’t show any of my contacts—though, if I start typing a name or even an email address or topic, it will pull everything up from the “non‑existent” files. Go figure.

Meanwhile, 750 words: my computer jumps to the navigation system if I type a “b” at the end of a line and deletes all, or nearly all, I’ve written in front of that. Then it informs me of the glitch and tells me I can zap out of the program and reinstall. Only then it doesn’t let me reinstall either! The other night, doing some blogs, I waited until the next morning, and was able to retrieve the unexpurgated version I’d been working on when it jumped. Last night, it made such a jump again on a blog I was nearly finished writing, but wouldn’t let me pull up the “saved” blog. I ended up having to write it all over again. If it doesn’t delete the rest of what I’ve been typing, it leaves a slash and a space. Delete extraneous letters/symbols, and I’ll find I’m typing in all caps.

The computer also attacks me in another way. Every ten minutes . . . and I mean every ten minutes . . . it wants me to choose a system for operation, giving me the default in a small window; but, as I type rather quickly, it instead fills in the box with the next letters I was typing —anywhere from one or two, to four or five of them. I delete them, check the “preferred” system and go back to my document . . . only to find I’m in cap lock again.

When HA comes in to help, he uses terminology (you know: computer-eze) I’m not familiar with, or makes reference to several items in a row which leaves me wondering which one he’s talking about now. When I ask questions or try to get clarification before he moves on, he gets frustrated, which makes me think I’m asking low‑level idiot questions. It’s not a happy experience.

Sorry to be so grumpy right after Christmas (or maybe you feel a little ragged at this time of year too), but struggling with my computer absolutely drives me nuts, or—as my “ex-” used to point out, “That’s not a drive . . . it’s a short putt!”

See you day-after-tomorrow for Wednesday’s WIPs!


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