Saturday’s Softcover: Review for a Book I haven’t Read, but Want To!

W2251Easy as A, B, C . . . from BB

So I was checking out The Writer’s Digest. Again, Online. It had been touting a “creative writing guide” the last few days when I’d glanced at the site: The Writer’s Digest Guide to Creativity. It’s in PDF for Download.

Why would I review a book I haven’t purchased (yet), and haven’t read?

First, it said I (you, we) would love this book if we needed help overcoming writer’s block (my biggest block is time, but maybe they’ll address that too); or if we wanted to “spark new story ideas with creative writing prompts” (probably not necessary, I have 11 unfinished book projects now. And I won’t even count how many non‑fiction pieces); or if we were looking for good creative writing online websites (I’m always willing to check them out).

Then it said I (you, we) would find out how to make time for writing, with inspiration from well‑known authors, while learning how to create interesting narrative ARCs. WOW!

OK. They already almost had me.

They followed up with a list of “What You’ll Find Inside”—I’ll only give you a very few of my favorites from their list:

1. “Your Very Own Writing Retreat” about easily setting aside a time and place to write, by Kathryn Hauelsen Cashen.

2. “Meeting of the Minds” about getting my left brain editor in touch with its more creative counterpart, by Michael J. Vaughn.

3. “Making it Work” about Julia Cameron (you know, the author of the marvelous The Artist’s Way) and her struggles with alcoholism, a “turbulent” Hollywood marriage, and bouts of writer’s block (I had no idea! But I loved her Artist’s Way—if she could still write with all that going on, what’s my problem?) by Zachary Petit.

4. “Small Breakthroughs and Small Breakdowns” about Anne Lamott, (another of my personal writing gurus) and her ideas on the importance of daily writing and not waiting for “inspiration” by Diana Page Jordan.

5. “Write Like Your Literary Heroes” about reshaping and reimagining the writing styles of the masters (and I have a bunch of “fave” authors I would do well to emulate, but not “copy”) by Mort Castle.

That’s only 5 of their more than 30 items “inside” the PDF. I already put it on my “wish list” yesterday.

Excuse me, my husband’s up now:

BB: Honey, we need to talk.

HA: Unh-Oh!

BB: It’s not bad. It’s . . . about Christmas.

HA: What.

BB: You know. Christmas. Presents.

HA: What do you want now?

BB: It’s only $9.99 . . .

The poster (me) must tell you that the author of this piece (BB) has taken some literary license with the above conversation. I shall leave it to the reader to determine just how much.

See you day ‑ after ‑ tomorrow for Monday Moans!


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