Tuesday’s Tutor: Learning Something New Daily!

Easy as A, B, C . . . from BB

International sales may seem like a dream somewhere far, far away in the future. But that’s not necessarily the case.

I’m active with an online group of over 900 authors called The Authors’ Think Tank. It’s filled with educators (like myself), editors, illustrators, writers of fiction—both published and unpublished—probably even some non‑fiction writers and many self‑published or ePub authors, etc. It gives all of us a great forum for finding out—and learning—all kinds of things.

We can check there to find out what’s going on and when, from workshops, to classes, to book launches and signings, and all things authorly! A good place to send questions, to share the pain and the pride found within the writers’ life.

One of the interesting postings today was about international sales of published works. It seems that Amazon has a branch in the U. S. of A. [amazon.com.us], of course, and I was also aware of Amazon.com.uk. Now they’re starting up an Australian unit , which I didn’t know about.

Here’s the thing: their “holdings,” if you will, can be shared from the U.S. to the U.K., and presumably—soon, if not now—to Australia. But not ALL of their holdings travel.

For instance, let’s suppose you are a U.S. author— let’s even assume you’re in Utah. You are published and selling on Amazon in the US. You may be selling on Amazon UK as well because your books are probably available in both (and currently, or soon to be, in Australia as well, perhaps).  But, guess what? Your Amazon author profile is NOT replicated in those places.

So, the lesson, dear “students”: check and see what materials you have for sale and where they are available. Also write up an author’s profile which will curry favor with those in the UK. Write up another one to appeal to those charming Aussies. And keep checking—there may be other innovations, too, which can broaden your interests and your “customer base”. And broaden the interest in you, that “American” author whose works are available to Amazon customers . . . where ever!

[P.S. ‑ An additional note later on the same Authors’ Think Tank said that not all of the Aussie Amazon is on‑line yet. And it recommended another good idea: suggest to reviewers that they set up reviews on all the possible sites. But be getting ready!]

See you day‑ after‑ tomorrow for Thursday’s 13!


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