Wednesday’s WIPs: What Happened to the WIPs During NaNo?

Easy as A, B, C . . . from HA, BB, JC, and CC

H.A. The Other Siders: NaNo is OVER ! ! !  The book is now complete, but heavy editing is just around the corner.  I am about to do a Savage edit, but I’m not going to start the edit for two weeks because I need to let it simmer and settle.  I need to forget enough of it that I’m looking at it with fresh eyes.  Next report may be “nothing to report.”

B.B. gElf and the Legend of Jarra‑Jen:  With more than 17,000 words in this partial manuscript, I still need to activate some judicious cutting.  And that’s what I said two weeks ago as well.  I cleaned up parts of the story, wrote some more all for National Novel Writing Month.  I got the main story to be a little more cohesive and, hopefully, more character ‑ driven.  I plan to finish polishing the three or four chapters I’m allowed to send to the Dark Crystal contest, ending with tension which will, hopefully, induce the judges to want to see more.  Between these two manuscripts, I ended up with over 52,000 words for NaNo.

Glass Mountain Princess: Then I turned my efforts to writing this fairy tale which had been languishing in the background. I’ve straightened out more of the characters, and have given some real and up ‑ front time to the Main Character.  Previously he didn’t show up as being the “most important” — in other words, the MC until quite a ways into the story.  He also has more personality showing than before.  I like his more independent spirit now — he’s more than just the target of his mean brothers.  I also have introduced the Mountain Folk as more integral to the plot, which gives him friends — maybe even a “side ‑ kick” character as that relationship develops.  I’m going to let the gElf story sit and stew for a couple of weeks while I continue work on this story.  Then I’ll take two to three days to polish gElf, send him off, so I can return to the Glass Mountain Princess story.  I’d like to send it to the agent before the end of the year.  And THAT’S a lot of work ahead.  Hooray!

C.C. Ezzy Bear: I am a NaNo survivor — and winner! I almost completed the book—I have one difficult chapter still to write, maybe two.  I just barely made it through. Anyone who succeeds at NaNo deserves the Tee-shirt!  I’m NaNo exhausted, so I can’t even think of anything else to say.

J.C. The Shadow Master: After sharing chapter one with my 14 year old son I asked his opinion about the story and what, as a reader, he might expect would happen next.  Based on further conversation with him and the input of my wife, I am moving forward with chapter two and am excited about the new content.

See you day‑after‑tomorrow for Friday Friends!


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