Sunday Snippets: War Wounded and War Heroes

Easy as A, B, C . . . from BB

Have you watched the news lately to see what our wounded war heroes are up to? I’ve loved the touching stories about those who went to show the Boston Marathon wounded that Life DOES go on!

But did you know what the fate of warriors was for thousands of years? A soldier downed on the field of battle was likely to lie where he fell until nightfall—or even longer. Then, if he surprisingly still showed signs of life, he’d be “lucky” to be dragged or carted to a doctor. This grim reality remained basically unchanged until 1240. Italy’s Misericordia di Firenze was founded as the first emergency‑care service. Primitive horse‑drawn conveyances for the wounded made sporadic appearances after that, for instance at the Battle of Malaga in 1487. But it wasn’t until 1792 that ambulances of any sort finally became a regular part of the battle scene.

I’m glad we try to take better care of “our boys” (and girls, Of Course!) now . . . and we need to keep improving, if we MUST send them off to war!

(These facts came from the Reader’s Digest Book of Facts.)

See you day‑after‑tomorrow for Tuesday’s Tutor!


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