Saturday Softcover: Making the Team… in more ways than one!

9780062133311Easy as A, B, C . . . from HA

Case File 13: Making the Team by J. Scott Savage.

Yep, the kids from Case File 13: Zombie Kid are back for a second round. They just can’t seem to stay out of trouble… or out of sight of The Librarian. Or away from monsters.

Something’s strange at Sumina Prep. A small, private school has beaten the boys’ school, the champs, soundly at the football game the boys were forced to watch by Nick’s mom in lieu of an all-night mummy marathon that includes Bubba Ho-Tep. Just think, if Nick’s mom hadn’t insisted, there’d be no Making the Team. Funny how things work out.

Scott and I discussed Bubba Ho-Tep during Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers, so I got a good laugh out of seeing it mentioned in this book.

There are other surprising uses of real-life people… or, at least, their names, because, after all, this is a work of fiction and any resemblance, etc., etc., etc.

This adventure has everything you could possibly want: bloody, gnawed-on bones (or are they?), very strange looking “spiders” (or are they?), gore, old pizza, really smelly, slimy stuff and a return of some of the ghosts from Zombie Kid.

Savage has even included the three girls introduced in the first book. Some of us were skeptical at this, but the characters’ interwoven interests and similarities (in some very interesting ways) made the inclusion of the girls’ team seamless. Almost like they belong as members of the team… No, not the team in the title (or is it?), but the team of the Monsterteers.

Even though the series is aimed at middle-grade, it’s a fun read regardless of age. If you have 10-13 year old boys… or were ever a 10-13 year old boy… you’ll be drawn into this story. Hopefully it won’t bring out any repressed memories.

But you really should read Zombie Kid first.

The books are available at King’s English, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

See you day after tomorrow for Monday Moans.


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