Sunday’s Snippets: Want something done? Ask a BUSY person!

Easy as A, B, C . . . from BB

Two or three years ago I ran across a book by a Valorie Burton ‑ of course I noticed it right away:

  1. “Burton” was my maiden name
  2. The title of said book was How Did I Get So Busy?

I thought it sounded like a GREAT read, and maybe would give me some hints about how to lighten my load. So how was it? Dunno‑‑‑never made time to read it up until now.

I think I’ll just peruse a little and see what gems I can give you in a few blogs like Sunday’s Snippets, or even Thursday’s 13. Meanwhile, if you’ve discovered a way to simplify YOUR life, PLEASE send me some of YOUR hints!  I NEED ’em!

Valorie (I get to call her that; after all, we’re almost related) says:

Take a full hour for lunch

Set “No E‑mail” Periods

Add fun goals to your To Do list

End your day “on purpose,” meaning YOU decide when to
leave the office
head home
fall asleep

See you day‑after‑tomorrow for Tuesday’s Tutor!


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