Friday’s Friends: New friends with great ideas

As easy as A, B, C . . . from HA

Our friends today are two young ladies who have started a Facebook page called Creative Teen Writers. The intro to their page is:


This is a page where writers (we’re geared at teens, but anyone is welcome!) from all over come to talk about their favorite books, lessons from their teachers, tips to share, or troubles in hope that they will get answered. 🙂


Danica and Bri are the Admins on this page. Neither of us is published, but we LOVE to write and do it all the time. We’re not claiming to know all about writing, but we’re here to share the things we’ve learned–and invite you to do the same! We’re really just aiming to be a fun place where writers can hang out, support each other, read each other’s work, and celebrate the joy (and pain) of writing.

 So join in the discussions, post some things you’ve written, and have a great time!

They have been putting out writing prompts for the last few days and we want to share them with a wider audience. Just to be fair, one of them has already been placed in my list. 🙂

Their discussion on prompts:

In need of some inspiration? Read through these prompts—feel free to steal anything you find! There’s no copyright or anything silly on these prompts, you can do with them what you will.

 Remember, these prompts are entirely yours. If the prompt says “he” but you want it to be “she,” then change it! If the prompt says “she” but you want it to be “I,” change it! If the prompt says “Death” and you want it to be “Fear,” change it! You can make these anything you want; they are meant only to be a springboard for your creativity.

 If you have any prompt suggestions, or you’ve written something based on one of these prompts, let us know by sending a message to our page!


  1. Unanswerable Questions
  2. A new diner opens in a small Texas town. At the same time, the town’s mayor disappears and a mysterious female stranger comes to town. Also, 20 people in the town die. Are all these events related?
  3. A fantasy in which there are tens of contradicting and intertwining prophecies and no one knows which ones to believe.
  4. Write a fantasy in the gunpowder age.
  5. Create your own fantasy world using any of the following elements: magic, elves, secret dungeon, a captured prince, a self-replenishing bag of gold.
  6. After a near-death experience, a soldier starts to experience a drastic kind of karma—every good deed he does is almost immediately rewarded and every bad deed results in something horrible happening to him. Is the karma real or just a series of coincidences?
  7. Don’t talk to strangers.
  8. “Every man has a price, even for that which he is most unwilling to sell.”
  9. Your character logs onto YouTube one day to find that everyone is raving about a new vlog. Your character starts watching it, only to find that THEY are the ones vlogging. They have no memory of making these videos, but every week a new one is posted.
  10. She was like breath on glass: one moment she was there, the next she had faded away into nothingness.
  11. Write about the boogeyman.
  12. It’s not the dark that scares me. It’s what’s lurking within it.
  13. Why could no one else see the unicorn?
  14. I wasn’t always an assassin, you know.
  15. I just killed an entire roomful of people with a picture of a cute dog.
  16. She was the oddest automaton I had ever seen. That’s why I avoided her. That’s why I loved her.
  17. Love and Clockwork
  18. Write about a bar where demons or some other kind of supernatural beings go to pick each other up.
  19. Write a story about an unassuming antique story with a weird secret.
  20. Write a story with this title: Mixed up with Princesses
  21. Write a story with these three things: a college radio D.J., a castle that is rumored to be “mystical,” a dinosaur skeleton
  22. A dead man’s robe
  23. She’d never held a gun before, but that wasn’t going to stop her.
  24. “If there’s nothing out there, what was that noise?”
  25. Death took my hand and I instantly felt comforted.
  26. The music swirled and surged, pulsing passion into all who heard it.
  27. “I lost my mommy. Can you take me to her?” the elderly woman asked.
  28. Traveling through the looking glass is not as much fun as Carroll made it sound.

See you day-after-tomorrow for Sunday Snippets


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