Sunday Snippets: Whelmed? Or Over-Whelmed?

Easy as A, B, C . . . from BB

Ever had one of those weeks with too much on your plate?  What if the deadlines . . . ALL of the deadlines . . . were self-imposed?  My writing life feels like that just now, so I took notes from Jon Winokur’s thoughts on angst in W.O.W.: Writer’s on Writing:

Writing is pretty crummy on the nerves. ~ Paul Theroux

It’s a nauseous process. ~ Rebecca West

Let’s face it, writing is hell. ~ William Styron

I’m not happy when I’m writing, but I’m more unhappy when I’m not. ~ Fannie Hurst

Writing is so difficult that I often feel that writers, having had their hell on earth, will escape all punishment hereafter. ~ Jessamyn West

See you day-after-tomorrow for Tuesday’s Tutor


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