Monday Moans: First Impressions are Lasting

Easy as A, B, C . . . from BB

So I was writing a rather lengthy email to an old friend, catching her up on what’s been going on all summer. I wanted to apologize for not being able to work out a time to see her while I was in her home town, and went on and on for three good-sized paragraphs. I ended with a signature and was about to hit send when I thought wait a minute, it’s pretty long. I suppose I’d best re-read it to be sure I didn’t say something stupid.

One of the first sentences which caught my eye was “Of course, out time is limited too.” OUR time, Brenda, OUR time!

Because I’m not only a writer, but a free‑lance editor, I just CRINGE if I don’t take the time to check, then find I’ve written something with a typo, or a missing word, or two letter “i’s” where there should only be one. Or one in the middle of a word because I’m overdue for a nail job, and my fingernails are snagging the wrong letters.

I’m guilty of this kind of sloppiness . . . occasionally. I TRY to remember to check EVERY TIME before I hit send. But once in a while, I’m tired, it’s late, or it’s a note which HAS TO go out NOW. If it contains some silly mistake, I’m even harder on myself than I am on someone else.

What does it matter? I’m emailing my friends. They know I’m rushed. Always. They understand. Because they do the same things.

But last week—multiple times—I read blogs, emails, notices to authors, by . . . authors. One night, a short comment on a blog—about 7 or 8 words per line and only 6 lines long—I read one by an author touting her new book. It contained one grammatical error, two misspellings, 3 typos. It did NOT contain . . . a missing word which SHOULD have been there, without which the meaning of the sentence could NOT be ascertained.

I will, now, not order her book—self‑published—which sounded fairly interesting, but . . .

What kind of “first” impression will be my “lasting” impression?  How about yours?

See you day‑after‑tomorrow for Wednesday’s WIPs.


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