Wednesday’s WIPs: To WIP or Not To WIP . . .

EASY AS A, B, C . . . from A, B and both C’s

It’s been “vacation” or “time off” for most of us; however:

H.A. The Other Siders: Before our trek began (See BB’s input), I got a few more pages finished and critiqued. Once the trek began… nada… bupkus… zilch… zero… not-so-much.

B.B. Shattered Shards: Even though we drove from Salt Lake to Southern Utah, then on to Alabama since we last reported on our WIPs I managed to get some things done—again using I did my 750 words every day, so far, in September for a total of 11,141 words: sometimes it was on the fairy tale mashup I’m doing—a couple of times it was only observations on our trip. Another part of my goal was to read a bizillion fairy tales—well, that didn’t get done, but I did read a number of fairy tales, keeping myself “in the mood” even when I wasn’t writing. Still hoping to be done with the contest piece before October; then will get back to the fairy tale business.

 CKC Ezzy Bear: No progress to report

JC The Shadow Master: No progress to report

See you day-after-tomorrow for Friday’s Friends!


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