Wednesday’s WIPs: WIPping Right Along . . . Together

EASY AS A, B, C . . . from A, B and both C’s

Found a fun, FREE site to help keep you writing: type in the words and join up—there’s no cost for the first 30 days, and very little after that, if you decide to stay with it. It sends you a reminder every morning—once you set up your time zone—to write at least 750 words. It keeps a running time and word count at the bottom of the page. It doesn’t care what you write, just that you write: shopping list, journal, grumbling, blogs, poems, copied materials, a new story or chapter, whatever.

It also makes an interesting analysis of your writing afterwards: how long it took you to reach 750—which it also shows in a green tab at the top right as soon as you get there. When you stop, you can click on “Today” at the top left—it will save your words one last time; click again for an analysis: how long you wrote all together, when you reached the 750, what was uppermost in your mind as you wrote, the “G,” “PG,” etc. rating of your content, and which of several paired alternatives were uppermost in your writing—for instance, “them” or “us.” When I’m writing something in 3rd person, it’s labeled as “them.”

Take a look, see if it helps your consistency in getting the writing done. . . it also gives you a chance to work on a monthly “challenge” to see if you can get 750 words every day for that month. I’ve gone from thinking about writing every day, to actually writing every day, with a word total which has surprised me: I usually write for about an hour—approximately twice as much time as it takes me to get to the 750. That means I’m generally averaging over 1500 words in an hour. Not a bad output for someone who was struggling to get anything down at all on a consistent basis! So HA and BB are increasing their output, and in less time, by using Here’s the progress with all of the ABC Writers Guild books:

H.A. The Other Siders: Started doing the with my novel. It’s allowed more free-thinking and progress than ever before. . . and, generally, in less time.

B.B. Shattered Shards: I’m also using—usually working about one hour on it, and averaging approximately 1500 words in that hour. I’m prepping this story for a fantasy contest, and hope to be done before October so I can get back to my fairytale mash-up.

 C.C. Ezzy Bear: Working on Chapter 26 of about 36 chapters. This part is showing the positive effects of moving to the country with our 11 children—all of us crowded into a 35-ft. R.V. . . . and a Nurse—thank goodness!

JC The Shadow Master: Brax, my MC (Main Character), is experiencing some very unusual things from an increased confidence to accelerated healing. He struggles to understand how and why these things are happening.

See you day-after-tomorrow for Friday’s Friends!



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2 responses to “Wednesday’s WIPs: WIPping Right Along . . . Together

  1. Thanks, Amy . . . we’re tryin’ to keep goin’!

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