Monday Moans: Enough Poking, Prodding, Pressing, Already!

Easy as A, B, C . . . from BB

Last week I went for my 6-month mammogram-let’s-see-if-the-cancer’s-gone-away (it has—YAY!—but I “get to” check again in another 6 months) checkup. This week, I get my annual “regular physical” checkup.

In the last year, I’m happy to say I have not kept track of how many hours I’ve spent in doctors’ offices and hospitals! Mind you, it’s not like lying in a hospital bed for days, weeks or months . . . but it’s tiresome all the same.

Looking/feeling/imaging to see what’s going on inside is a long and tedious process—particularly when it happens on an almost monthly, if not weekly, basis. I’ve been pressed by technicians, poked by nurses, examined by generalists, radiologists, anesthetists, surgeons, and maybe more. Then there are the ones who don’t quite yet know what they’re really doing: interns, assistants, etc.

I’d just like a month off, please, if that’s OK.

Oh. You saved my life? Well . . . thanks.

I guess it’s not so bad. See you next week! (And if you haven’t had your mammogram yet, JUST DO IT!)

And I’ll see YOU—dear reader—day-after-tomorrow for Wednesday’s WIP!


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