Thursday’s 13: RAW-HA!!! [Readers and Writers-Helping Authors]

  EASY AS A, B, C . . . from BB

Got word a few days ago from author Rachel Ann Nunes that a beloved Utah author, Anita Stansfield, Rachel Ann Nuneswas in need of some help. I’ve been privileged to hear Anita speak at a writer’s conference a little while back.  She is kind, fun, interesting, and a terrific and PRO-lific writer.

Anita StansfieldRachel Ann tells us Anita Stansfield has Celiac Disease, which has caused severe damage in her body. Through the years of treating it, she has also had breast cancer and multiple surgeries. She needs our support while she heals enough to go back to writing.

After first posting about Anita’s illness, Rachel Ann added another post to say Anita had told her she’d read the comments on Rachel’s post and broke down in tears. She’s “been in a very tough spot and she is so grateful for the help.”

If you care about writers, books, healing or one of our great authors, please . . .

«    buy one or more of her books (I love historicals; bought the first 3 of The Buchanan Saga)

«    make a donation by clicking on Rachel’s  Donate button

«    help Anita directly—instead of (or in addition to) buying her books you may:

«    mail a check to Anita Stansfield, PO Box 176, American Fork, UT 84003

I’ll give you 13 reasons to help—and there were more than four times this many listed on her website:

  1. The Buchanan Saga:The Best of Times by Anita Stansfield
  2. The Captain of Her Heart
  3. Captive Hearts
  4. The Captain’s Angel
  5. Hearts Crossed
  6. The Byrnehouse—Davies & Hamilton Saga
  7. Gables of Legacy series
  8. Trevor Family Saga
  9. Keane-Morrison Family Saga
  10. Barrington Family Saga
  11. The Jayson Wolfe Story (series)
  12. The Dickens Inn Series
  13. Shadows of Brierley

. . . and so many more, including Christmas stories, specifically LDS fiction, and essays.

Rachel reminds us we are each only one person, “but together we can find a way to help . . .”  Thank you for buying, reading, donating, and/or passing this along!

See you day-after-tomorrow for “Saturday’s Softcover”



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2 responses to “Thursday’s 13: RAW-HA!!! [Readers and Writers-Helping Authors]

  1. Will definitely get the word out!

  2. Thanks for your help, Amy. You are GREATLY missed ! ! ! Even Carolyn Campbell was commenting on missing you last night at the chapter picnic!

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