Monday Moans: The Hills Are Alive…Well, there are 18-wheelers in the mountains

Easy as A, B, C . . . from HA

Brenda and I have spent the past month or so on the road: trips to and from CA, Cedar City, and St. George. This month it’s up to Logan, next month back down to St. George and then on to Birmingham, AL and back again. I think there’s some more travelling in there somewhere, but you get the picture.

We start at just under 4,400 ft. above sea level here in Salt Lake. Our travels take us up to just over 6,600 ft. and down to sea level.

This moan is about the big rig drivers who, in an area where the legal speed limit is 80 MPH (honest!), gravity slows them down. Can’t be helped, I know. They tend to drop to 65-70 as a rule, but some are a bit slower. It’s when you get to of the slower ones racing neck-and-neck up a mountain pass at a speed of 45 and 47 miles per hour.

Honestly, truckers, is that 2 mph really that critical to your schedule. Do you realize you’re blocking two lanes of traffic, one of which regular vehicles could be driving at the speed limit, not at almost 40 mph below it?

How rude.

See you day-after-tomorrow for Wednesday’s WIP.


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