Sunday’s Snippets: Do More than Moan about Your Publisher

EASY AS A, B, C . . . from BB

I hear writers moan about how much their “publishers” are not doing for them these days: no more publisher-sponsored book signings, little help with PR, or with advertising, etc. Once the book is out, they have other things to worry about. In this DIY Age, I guess we do need to step up and help ourselves, whether we go the traditional publishing route, or take it on ourselves to learn to self-publish.

Either way, we can ask our friends for help.

“Like what?” you ask. “They’re not writers.”

Dorie Clark specified with an article in the 5/10/13 Huffington Post, “10 Ways to Help Your Favorite Author.” What she wrote was meant for author’s friends; but, as authors, we can pass the word on to our friends, and we can be friends to each other by encouraging readers to do the following:

  1. Buy the book.
  2. Write a review.
  3. Promote it on social media.
  4. Buy books as gifts.
  5. Host a book party.
  6. Have authors speak to your club or professional association.
  7. Read it for your book club.
  8. Have them speak at your company.
  9. Buy books for your clients.
  10. Feature them in your blog, podcast, or newsletter.

See her full article on The Huff Post, Book Club, “The Blog” of 5/10/13. She is a consultant and the author of Reinventing You (HBR Press, 2013).

See you day-after-tomorrow for Wednesday’s WIPs!


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