TUESDAY’S TUTOR: Is my book MG? Or YA?

Easy as A, B, C . . . from BB

Last February, at the Life, the Universe and Everything (LTUE) writers’ conference in Provo, Utah, a panel discussion tried to answer the question.  Interesting writers all, the panel was made up of Bree Despain, Judith Engracia, Kristen Landon, Dene Low, Chad Morris, and Michelle Witte.

Although I’ve heard numerous times “look at the age of your main character(s).” Your interested readers will be about two years younger.  After all, 12-year-olds already know what 12-year-olds think and do.  But 10-year-olds will want to know.

A good guess, but the panel suggested age is not the only indicator.  Rather, they recommended:

Middle-grade (MG) readers are trying to “fit in.”

Young-adult (YA) readers are trying to “stand out.”

My question, now, is what about the “new” genre, NA?

New-adult (NA) readers are those from age 18 to 27 (or even 24).  Are these post-high-school adults, like MG students, trying to “fit in” to their new world: college, the work-a-day world, marriage, etc?  Or are they, like YA students, trying to “stand out:” in their classes, new jobs, burgeoning relationships, and so on?

What are your main characters trying to do?  And, therefore, in which genre do they belong?

See you day-after-tomorrow for Thursday’s 13!


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