Friday’s Friend’s: Amy Freeman Shines

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AmyAmy Freeman —Thanks for your willingness to talk to us about books and writing. When did you first realize you were interested in writing?

You’re welcome, Brenda. Thank you for having me! I have been writing all of my life. I LOVE creating stories. When I was ten years old, I went as far as to write a screen play for a movie I titled “Death Island!”—totally stellar. I paid my friends fifty cents each to be in it and forced them to rehearse after school in the back yard…me and Steven Spielberg.

Then when did you first know you were serious about getting published?

When I was nineteen I completed a children’s book that I really wanted to publish. My world was a bit tumultuous at the time and I just didn’t know how to go about doing it. Life put my writing on hold for the next eighteen years until I had a significant dream one night that threw me back into it full force. That was four years ago.

What genre is your book; also, when and where will it be available?

My book is New Adult Paranormal Romance. It will be available in June in bookstores, on, and other online vendors.

Could you give us just a little teaser about your topic in this book? Shine

SHINE: When Sam Shields begins college she meets a sexy young man who harbors an inconceivable secret—a secret about her. SHINE is the story of a supernatural tribe centered on the Manpupuner rock formation in the Komi Republic of Russia—a mysterious site in the Ural Mountain range.

Sam Shields has always had the gift of reading auras and seeing future events. But since beginning college, her gifts are strengthening—becoming more foreboding. Dark visions she can’t explain haunt her daily. She senses danger but doesn’t know why. Meeting gorgeous Olympic swimming star Trin Kosolov, who shares her extra sensory abilities, initially brings comfort—but ultimately seems to intensify the imminent peril. Sam discovers she was born with an identity she never knew she had and finds herself fighting for her life as she and Trin struggle to save humanity from an evil that could ultimately destroy them all.

Who do you think would be most interested in reading it?

SHINE is New Adult Fiction. My target audience is approximately 16-22 years of age. If you are into the supernatural laced with romance, this book is for you!

Now that’s it’s coming out, what do you plan to do next?

Market! I will be marketing like a mad woman. SHINE is a series so I am currently up to my eyeballs in book two. I have also written an Adult Horror that I plan to clean up and publish over the next year.

Do you plan to write within the same genre the next time?

I positively love the paranormal and the endless possibilities of the human spirit. I will stick with this genre for now. But I do have some projects on the back burner—a book about my disabled son and a tribute to my mother.

Which other authors do you most like to read?

I stay up late nights indulging in Dean Koontz, Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child.

We’ll miss you when you move to Florida, but maybe you could come back for one of our Utah workshops, like LDStorymakers, Writers and Illustrators for Young Readers (WIFYR), or The League of Utah Writers annual fall convention?

You know I will! No writing community matches the one in Utah. We are graced with so much talent here. I am honored to have been a part of it! Thank you, Brenda, for your enduring magnificence!

For updates and contact info seek Amy out in the sites below:


Amy Freeman @google+

Thanks again, Amy, for your interview, your books, and you unquenchable spirit.  You’ll be missed!  Be sure to visit for some of our wonderful workshops and conferences!

 See you tomorrow for Sunday’s Snippets!



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6 responses to “Friday’s Friend’s: Amy Freeman Shines

  1. Wow guys, terrific interview! Can’t wait for the book release. If the whole thing is as good as the bits that I’ve read it’s bound to be terrific.

  2. Thank you, Jodi! I am excited!

  3. benschwensch

    Jodi, I agree—Amy makes an interesting interviewee, and her book should be GREAT!

  4. Susan

    I can’t wait to finally read the whole thing! I’ve been teased for too long in critique groups. 🙂 Let me know which conference you’re going to and I will sign up, too. Hope to see you before you leave ♥

  5. benschwensch

    And I hope I’ll see Susan AND Amy at a conference or whatever . . . preferably, soon! Love you fantastic writers!

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