Wednesday WIP: Not a Thursday 13, but 13 kids

As easy as A, B, C . . . from CC

My story is our life with thirteen children, the youngest being a very challenging full-care baby. The endeavors, delights, and sorrows we faced taught us many things, more than we ever could have imagined.

The book is hard to write because of the intense emotion it stirs in me. This is no ordinary book: pages of my life, feelings and lessons learned opened to the world for scrutiny, good or bad. It’s risky for me to place my life in… forgive the pun… an open book.

I want my story to help make someone’s journey easier while letting them know they’re not alone. Others have walked their path and more will in the future.

Right now I’m stuck, not plot stuck… but bound by my emotional ability to handle the writing of the story. My story is written in that it has already happened. What is vital to the story and what is essential to me is a fine line. I’m the mother. I think its every detail is important. The truth is… it’s not. People don’t want to read about mundane details. They want to be taken into the story and feel and breathe the pages as if it were their life.  I worry… I don’t have the ability to take the reader for a journey that will have them crying… laughing… infuriated… frightened… but resolute.

I know all writers feel this way, but, in the end, it works out. With some luck I hope to have my book out by the end of the year. Then you will be the judge: did I get it right?

See you day-after-tomorrow for Friday Friends



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5 responses to “Wednesday WIP: Not a Thursday 13, but 13 kids

  1. just 1 marion

    You’ll make it! I was lucky enough to read a couple of chapters. Your story touched me so deeply that I remember that little bit months later. Don’t give up. And don’t beat yourself up as you write the difficult parts. I saw in that small part what a great mother you are.
    Marion Steiger

  2. Judy Briskman-Arnold

    This is something that you are writing, Herb? I would love to read some of it. I’m sure it would be very good 🙂 Maybe you could PM me a sample or email it? Hope all is well. J

  3. Thanks, Marion—you’re so right about Carrie and her book! I forwarded your comment to her in case she hasn’t time today to look at the blog itself ! !

  4. bamasaltydog

    Glad you liked it, but I didn’t write it. I’m the mechanic of the blog; I put up almost all the posts, but there are four of us in the Guild. This has been a common mistake. The first line of every blog is “As easy as A, B, C . . . from” followed by a set of initials. The initials identify the author of the blog: HA = Herb Arnold; BB = Brenda Bensch; CC = Carrie Cole; JC = Justin Cole. Hope this clears things up for everybody! 🙂

  5. Judy B

    OK. NOW I get it! 😉 Thanks for the clarification. It sounded really interesting. Enjoy your well deserved Memorial Day Weekend 🙂

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