Sunday Snippets: Happy Mother’s Day!!!

I would like to share with you my husband’s gift to me on a special Mother’s Day.  We have been married for a time. We have four biological children and nine adopted ones for a total of thirteen—our favorite number.  This poem says it all in my husband’s words. He gave it to me with a bouquet of flowers that represent the poem.  Carrie Cole

Fifteen flowers in a vase

Nature’s colors filled with grace

Red times two means love adorns

Petals high above the thorns

Soon to follow life anew

With baby’s breath come buds of blue

Years pass as our garden grows

Pink buds bloom with lace and bows

Roses white are angels lost

Our garden cold with early frost

When all arranged a rich bouquet

For this we thank you, Mom, each day

Written by Justin M Cole


Two red roses: Husband and I; buds of blue: boys-7; pink buds: girls-4; white roses: sons died young-2

See you day-after-tomorrow for Friday’s Friends



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2 responses to “Sunday Snippets: Happy Mother’s Day!!!

  1. Wow what a mother’s day gift! That was beautiful thank you.

  2. benschwensch

    Justin and Carrie are a pair to be reckoned with, aren’t they, Maren?

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