Saturday’s Softcover: Turn Up the Heat, Castle!

Easy as A, B, C . . . from HA

We’re going completely off our regular review style this week. We’re starting out discussing a TV show: CASTLE.

For those of you not familiar with Castle, it’s a regular season crime-drama about a tough-as-nails homicide detective and her squad. Sounds typically mundane, I know, but there’s a twist—his name is Rick Castle.

Castle is a crime-fiction writer who calls in favors from his buddies, the Mayor and Chief of Police, to get assigned to ride-along with the homicide crew. He’s run into a rough spot with his writing—killing off your main character in your private detective series will tend to leave you with nowhere to go. He figures he’ll get inspiration hanging with this bunch of real, live police.

It worked out so well for him, he’s written a set of murder mysteries based on the detective and her partners. The main character’s name in the new book series is Nikki Heat. I’ll leave it to you, dear reader, as to how well that goes over with Detective Kate Beckett.

Now for the crux of this book review: The Nikki Heat books as discussed in the TV series actually exist. Yes, fictional murder mysteries with fictional characters based on fictional murder mysteries with fictional characters have actually been written.

The twist? They’re written by “Richard Castle.” Yes, written by the fictional writer. Please note: there are no other authors listed (i.e. Richard Castle and [fill in the blank) a la James Patterson. No author has taken credit for writing under the pseudonym of Richard Castle; as a matter-of-fact: the acknowledgements are written as if by Castle and speak of the fictional characters on the TV show as living people. Twisted, but fun.

Speaking of which: James Patterson is among a few real-life writers who have made appearances on the show from time-to-time, who also include Michael Connelly and the late Stephen J. Cannell.

There are four books in the series with a fifth one due out in September.

Now… a review of the books: They’re great! If you’re a fan of the TV show, you owe yourself the first book, Heat Wave, just because you can. The characters, while based on the TV characters, have enough differences to make them fresh and not just reruns.

If you enjoy plot twists, car chases and crashes, gun shoot-outs, tense situations, fun characters, and murder mysteries, give this series a shot. You’ll be glad you did.

See you day-after-tomorrow for Monday Moans.



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3 responses to “Saturday’s Softcover: Turn Up the Heat, Castle!

  1. Susan

    I love “Castle.” I’ll have to check it out.

  2. benschwensch

    Yay, Susan! It’s crazy (AND driving us crazy with wanting to know who’s REALLY writing them. Richard Castle? REALLY ? ? ?)

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