Monday moan: Winter is gone and spring is here…

Easy as A, B, C . . . from CC

Today I dared to venture out: the earth shows a hint of green, promising life to all the foals, calves, and lambs standing in the field next to their mothers. I hear the chirps of baby birds in their nests wanting to be fed.

My grandchildren discover the warmth and beg to play in the rays of the sun.

“Grandma! Can we play on the swing?” they ask. Pure joy––this year they can climb the rock wall and slide all by themselves.

So you ask… What is the moan?  Why, with life, do we have to deal with death? Why the loss of winter to have spring, or the loss of spring to have summer.

We have four week old puppies, cute, bouncy and energetic. No complaint there. But we have other pets in our home that we love and sometimes it’s time to say goodbye. No matter the season, it’s hard to lose even the smallest of them. A pet which made it into everyone’s heart and gave many hours of joy to each of us.

How do I explain to my children something I don’t understand myself? “Why does Ruby have to die, Mommy? I will miss her. Where is she going? When is she coming back? I don’t want her to go? Who will play with her when she goes?”

All good questions. For everyone, a different answer depending on the belief system each holds. We watch Ruby’s shallow breaths and tears roll down our cheeks for the smallest of pets, but the best darn rat any kid could have.

Goodbye, Ruby. I hope you’ll be happy walking with my brothers in heaven. I think they will like you to be their pet now. Will you tell them we miss them? And we are still waiting for them to come back and visit.

See you day-after-tomorrow for Wednesday WIPs


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