4 responses to “Tuesday’s Tutor: Try it—you’ll like it!

  1. Wow those are some powerful experiences Brenda, thanks for sharing! That last one made me tear up a little. So I am really quite depressed. I had signed up for your class starting this evening and excitedly telling my husband when he reminded me that he has a new meeting for work that is at 6:00 every Tues night. I don’t know if they would love it if I ditched my toddler in the classroom next door but I am so sad I can’t make it. I was so looking forward to attending again.

  2. Powerful indeed! Sometimes painful experiences can be put to good use after all, along with the uplifting ones.

  3. benschwensch

    Thanks, Maren and Diann, for your responses. I had NEVER told anyone before about the dog incident, but surprised myself by writing all three of them without a tear. THEN, I read them to my dear husband . . . blubbered all the way through it! I WILL find a way to use some of these. I should flesh out the others of the eleven I came up with that day!

  4. benschwensch

    Maren—I’ve sent the handouts from last night for you with Jane. I’m hoping you can work something out—I’m even willing to have you bring the toddler (and you WON’T have to keep her in the next room. Maybe I could have Herb set my computer up with some cartoons or something she could watch. See you next week? We MISSED you!

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