Wednesday WIPs: Brenda Bumping Heads with Boudica

Easy as A, B, C . . . from BB

The name of my WIP (Work in Progress) is Boudica’s Head—a strange name, I know, but some of the old Celtic tribes or clans used to worship the head as the seat of all wisdom and power.  As the leader of the Icenii clan, Boudica fought and nearly threw the Romans out of the British Isles.

The last you heard from me, I’d planned to go through and organize all my pages of research by the end of January, so that I’d be ready to write new chapters in February.  Talk about an ambitious undertaking—I’d forgotten how many pages and pages of materials I’d gathered, not to mention a book about the Dark Ages, three about the Celts, two more on clothing worn in that long-gone day, three about women in ancient days as warriors, four on ancient Celtic sayings, legends and folktales, a book on ancient cuisines, two history books about the ancient world, and three novels about people from Druids to Romans who lived during “my” time period.  And now I’ve purchased one more: The Annals, by Gaius (or Publius) Cornellius Tacitus, a famous historian who lived from 56 A.D. until some time after 117 A.D., who had garnered first-hand accounts of the Boudican uprising.

I didn’t make it by the end of January.

Nor am I through yet.  However, I have written several new chapters, while still trying to digest more of the extant material.

I’m excited about them, because my original chapters had started after Boudica’s death and told of her daughter’s escape from the Romans to tell her mother’s story.  Her tale began when she was about three years old, and her mother, Boudica, and father, Prasutagus were first coming into Celtic power.  Now my chapters have gone back as far as Boudica at age ten, meeting Prasutagus, who was 20 years older.  This will plunge the reader immediately into Boudica’s world, without as much emphasis on the daughter who tells the tale.

So writing chapters in February and March, editing in April?  That is definitely the Work as it is in Progress—but I will not be editing a completed manuscript as early as April.

On the other hand, the point of a WIP is to keep the Work “in Progress” . . . and I am doing that. I will continue to write through February and March and with the help of my critique groups,  (The ABC Writers Guild at and the Wasatch Mountain Fiction Writers (WMFW), I hope to send the finished product to three possible publishers . . . A.S.A.P.

See you day-after-tomorrow for “Friday Friends”


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