Thursday’s 13: Over-wrought, Uneven Characterization & How to Avoid It

Easy as A, B, C . . . from BB


1.  An LTUE panel (if you don’t know what LTUE is, see last Tuesday’s blog)

2.  Paul Genesse, Tristi Pinkston, Deren Hansen, J. Scott Savage (thnx all!)

3.  Definition of over-wrought acting: actors who over-act (Think Capt. Kirk)

4.  Definition of over-wrought characters in a novel (characters whose authors put too much into their characters)

5.  Authors don’t need to share EVERY little detail

6.  However, every detail must add to plot. Or story-line. Or character. Or etc.

7.  Keep a Character Bible

8.  In it, keep lists of everything

9.  Decisions

10.  Details of what characters are doing

11.  Personality and/or physical quirks

12.  Weird issues

13.  Remember: Strong Characters Make Strong Decisions

See you day-after-tomorrow for Saturday’s Softcover!


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