Monday Moans: SHUT up

Easy as A, B, C . . . from CC

I told someone I had 13 kids. “Keep your legs shut, “ was the comment.

My moan is: Where’s the Golden Rule? Treat others as you would like to be treated.

Where’s the love for one another?  I know what I choose to do in my life is misunderstood and it’s not for everyone. I felt it was my calling and my husband agreed. When do one’s life choices become others’ concerns?

How does it affect anyone else—my choice to give unwanted children a home? I didn’t do it to save the world; I did it because I was gathering my family. Nothing more, nothing less. I am not a hero, just a mother. Someone had to do it, so why not me? Why not us? We have been blessed beyond measure for doing this. It’s been a hard road. It’s not easy, and we suffer for birthmother choices; but the kiddos suffer the most.

We are their parents and love them more than life itself. I am no different than any other mother who would give a kidney to her daughter or lay her life down for any one of her children. I shouldn’t be put on a pedestal. It’s a hard fall from up on high.

I’m just a normal mother gathering , raising, and loving her children any which-way they came to me: birth or adoption.

I want to raise my children in an accepting world which sees them for people and not the color of their skin, but by their actions and service. This is how I want to be seen. I hope you all are seen by the person you are inside; not your shell, but the real person you are. When you see someone different from yourself give him or her the benefit of not being judged. We will be judged by the All Mighty and only He knows the true content of our hearts and that will be the basis on which we are judged. Love one another. Show compassion for one another. Serve one another, you will find your world to be one of happiness and true fulfillment.

See you day-after-tomorrow for Wednesday’s WIP



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4 responses to “Monday Moans: SHUT up

  1. Okay, what brash, low brow individual said THAT? I am appalled, TRULY.

  2. What? Who says that? That makes me so angry! I know my parents got a lot of grief (I’m the baby of 15) but my best friends are my brothers and sisters and I am SO grateful for everything my parents did for us. You are indeed a hero Carrie and you can tell that person where to shut it! 🙂

  3. benschwensch

    GOOD reply—thanks, Maren. Carrie (AND Justin) deserve a lot of credit for what they do!

  4. benschwensch

    And, yeah—what YOU said, Amy!

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