Monday Moans: February brings …

Easy as A, B, C . . . from CC

February brings… A daughter-in-law’s birthday. Her baby, only five weeks old, makes the Jazz tickets purchased a good thought but a bad gift. Her babe… the first grandson… healthy… happy… joins his sister in a home of love and support.

Birthday two: The next day, on the 12th, a son celebrates his independence as a teen for the last year. Gift a hit… Glad heart-beats cover my ominous feeling.

His living with a girl he does not love… enemies with benefits which include violence upon my son. Prayers for him to see the light and make a different choice. I cry, knowing I can only listen and support.

Birthday three: My oldest daughter, an example to all. She inspires me. Happiness fills my heart. The 18th brings a young mother, a year wiser, rearing two gorgeous little girls…  She is plagued with health issues… My heart breaks; I weep knowing, again, I can only listen and support.

Teenaged son, a bit misguided… Marries … Surprise… the day after Christmas and moves his bride home just before her mid-January birth: a beautiful baby girl who howls all night. Life… small… innocent… an unforeseen blessing comes too soon. My heart is filled with love, despite circumstance.  I worry about children raising a child. I sob, knowing: listen… support.

Birthday four: the 22nd brings my baby into her teens… physically… excited and blameless… A birth mom’s in-utero drug exposure sets her basic skills out of reach… back in the sixth grade hoping for a better transition to the harsh… unsympathetic… ugly… hostile world of junior high. She carries a heavy burden, being young in mind with the body of a teen. Worries don’t change things; I bawl, knowing. Only listen and support.

Birthday five: the 27th—Aubree’s baby girl turns two… a big girl… potty training… Mimicking… learning… talking… saying the cutest things and growing too fast. Nothing to worry about here, but I blubber anyway, as she changes from babe to toddler.

My dog… shadow… best friend… and most trusted confidante, due with her largest litter for a small Yorkie. I worry she’ll not survive the birth, she may need a C-section. The pups may not survive. I snivel, because I chose a larger male… not wise, but it had been two years and the tiny males couldn’t get the job done.

Now the end of February prepares me for an additional five upcoming birthdays March 3rd… 6th …24th…26th and 27th …

I cry… weep… sob… wail… and bellow… because I hate cake…

See you day-after-tomorrow for Wednesday’s WIPs


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  1. Again, greatest ending ever, Carrie. Love this post!

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