Sunday’s Snippets: LTUE: Life, The Universe and Everything

EASY AS A, B, C . . . from BB

Just finished a wonderful 3-day conference in Provo for writers/readers/gamers interested in Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, High Adventure, and Gaming. Thought I’d pass along some interesting “writerly” snippets:

Two BYU professors, James S. Jacobs and Michael O. Tunnell, spoke about their long friendship with famous children’s writer Lloyd Alexander, most known for The Prydain Chronicles: 

When he began his writing career, he wrote for 12 hours a day.  Later, when he needed to work as well, he wrote from 3 to 8am.

Alexander, a creature of habit, answered every fan letter or piece of mail, and paid each bill, as they arrived in the mail . . . even if that meant leaving his guests waiting while he wrote his replies, or mailed a check.

When he was writing and could not immediately write whatever was supposed to come next, he would write: “Something exciting happens here,” and keep going.

He wrote everything on a manual typewriter—all that was available at the time he began.  He never converted to any sort of computer for his writing.

He was a humble, kind, and rather shy man, yet cared deeply about his legacy.  He said “Open the frige door, the light pops on, and I’m there—I’m dancin’”

Hope you all keep writin’ AND dancin’!

See you day-after-tomorrow for “Tuesday’s Tutor



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2 responses to “Sunday’s Snippets: LTUE: Life, The Universe and Everything

  1. What a wonderful bio! So jealous I couldn’t be there!

  2. benschwensch

    Wish you had been!

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