Wednesday’s WIPs: Better Late Than Never!

Easy as A, B, C . . .  from HA

When last I wrote of the progress on A Hint of Forever, I had reached 138 pages… I’m now at 141.

Yep, just tearing right along.

Here’s the thing: the story has changed a great deal since its inception over a decade ago. The original 40 pages no longer support the added characters and plot twists which have evolved as the story has grown. Several references in the last hundred pages refer to events that should have occurred in the first fifty, but were never presented. These and myriad other problems have required me to go back to the beginning.

I have several critiques of that section as well and will be fixing some of the problems that were found.

There are 1.5 pages redone.

Next month should have more progress… of course, to have more progress, there must be more work. With the air in the Valley the way it’s been for the last month, I’ve been very sick and have had severe breathing issues since after the first of the year… but, then, there’s been a lot of that going around.

See you day-after-tomorrow for Friday’s Friends



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2 responses to “Wednesday’s WIPs: Better Late Than Never!

  1. Get out of the smog!! Brenda says you will be for a while and I am SO glad, because you NEED TO FINISH THIS BOOK!!

  2. bamasaltydog

    We’re going to do that… I’m surprised you didn’t comment on the fact that it Wednesday’s WIPs were posted on Tuesday!

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