Monday Moans: A Challenging Winter

Easy as A, B, C . . .  from CC

Christmas tree in the bay window. Lights twinkling as we watch the answers to prayers: a white Christmas.

Beautiful, large snowflakes floating, no dancing, gives our mountain view its majestic ambiance.

Giddiness fills our childlike hearts as memories of winters past lift our expectations.

Six inches of snow, frosted windows, breathe mists into the cold which bite at our uncovered cheeks.

Four more inches. Then six more. Temperatures plummet to four below. We crank the already over-taxed furnace up a bit, knowing it temporary.

Snow gives way to eerie, mysterious gray mist—and a sense of foreboding.

Sun rays peek for a short time, leave a liquid which freezes to ominous, black, unseen-sheets of danger.

Snow returns with a vengeance, blanketing eight inches—leaving our cheer buried alive in depths of despair.

Rain… Rain?—Unexpected… freezes. Icicles grow. Temperatures diving, again and again.

A monster with teeth comes in. Breathing, impossible! Sickness rampant. Hospitals overflowing.

Dark, ghost-like fog thickens upon its treacherous return… staying beyond its welcome.

Snow…threating never to stop… plowing the driveway, waking to eight more inches of fluff resting peacefully upon the hidden ground.

Murky haze returns with an agenda. Sucks laughter, pleasure, happiness; morphs to hopeless despair, chest-wrenching black, depression… giving way only to more snow…


I have lived in Utah all my life. This has been one of the more challenging winters for many, myself included. Open windows. Take a walk. Watch Christmas movies in February. Eat lots of chocolate. Watch your children play, knowing flowers will come, green will return. Then my Monday Moans will be about sweltering heat…

See you day-after-tomorrow for Wednesday’s WIPs… no, seriously… really… promise.


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  1. This is the coolest thing ever, Carrie. SO good!

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